Oxbridge students ‘spiked with needles on exclusive skiing trip to the French Alps’

Six students believe they were spiked with needles or in their drinks during the annual Oxbridge skiing trip to the French Alps last week.

The group of students, which included at least one man, claim they were targeted at the Val Thorens resort and could have had a substance slipped into their drinks.

Another incident was reported to have taken place two days earlier.

Joe Hilton, co-president of the Varsity Trip ski holiday, said the spikings could have been carried out by Oxbridge students after it emerged that the incidents at the ‘Slipped Disc’ club night happened before 1am, when the general public was allowed in.

One student told Cambridge University newspaper Varsity: “I do not know why there is the presumption that Oxbridge students cannot spike people and it must be locals – this happened early on a student night.”

But another wrote on Facebook that a “group of middle-aged men with seemingly no relation to the Varsity Trip” had been allowed into the club “with no pat-down search (which students were subjected to)”.

There were reports of a “large crowd of what seemed like locals” trying to get into the club via the back entrance and that there was presence from Nuco, which organised the trip for 3,000 students.

A student wrote on a social media group that their friend had “been spiked at Malaysia with a needle”, according to Varsity, while Nuco posted warnings, saying it has “increased door searches”.

At 2am on Friday, Oxford law student Maeve Carroll posted on Facebook: “There are now five girls we are aware of who have been spiked by injections/drinks tonight. Nuco and security are aware but seem to be doing not much.”

There were also comments from female students, some who were so scared that they said they had put on long sleeve tops and coats to protect themselves.

None of the alleged incidents had been reported to the police yet, according to Mr Hilton.

Nuco Travel added that its staff had taken over the door at the venue after reports of spikings and “aggressive” door staff who reportedly turned away 200 people despite having tickets.