Baby killer Savannah Brockhill had two heart attacks and needed CPR days before trial

Baby killer Savannah Brockhill had two heart attacks and needed CPR just two days before the trial started, it has been revealed in court.

Her brush with death emerged when the 28 year old’s legal team made submissions to the Judge prior to being told her jail sentence this afternoon.

On Tuesday, a jury found Brockhill guilty of murdering 16-month old Star Hobson.

The toddler’s mum Frankie Smith, 20, was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child but cleared of murder.

Savannah Brockhill, an amateur boxer and security guard, who called herself the “number one psycho”, punched 16-month Star Hobson to death in Keighley, West Yorkshire, on September 22nd 2020.

After the verdict Star’s great grandparents, Anita Smith and David Fawcett, described Brockhill as “pure evil” and “the devil”.

It also emerged social services received at least five referrals from numerous friends and family members worried Star’s life was in danger but social workers allowed the toddler to stay with her “terrible” mum.

Today Brockhill’s barrister, Katherine Goddard QC, told Bradford crown court: “Two days before the trial was due to start, she was admitted to hospital having been found collapsed for over an hour at Styal Prison.

“..She was admitted having been found face down, having suffered some form of seizure which had lasted one hour and 20 minutes.

“During her time in medical care she had three seizures and two cardiac arrests. CPR was performed and she was intubated. “

She said Brockhill discharged herself from hospital because she was “anxious” not to delay the start of the trial and as a result there had been “no opportunity” to investigate what had caused the seizures and cardiac arrests.

The barrister went on to tell the Judge her client has a “degenerative disc disease” and has suffered these seizures since her teen years and had not got to the bottom of what causes them.

“In short, Miss Brockhill is not of the robustness in terms of her health that you would expect of someone of her age,” she said.

She also said other mitigation is that she only has one previous conviction, a public order offence after throwing an egg.

Ms Goddard revealed Brockhill’s family had been attacked since she was arrested for Star’s murder.

Her sister was subjected to an “extremely violent assault” and another relative suffered a fractured skull.

“No arrests have been made. The matter was reported to the police. The attack, in the minds of the Brockhill’s family, is firmly tied to this case – and their guilt by association – because of what was said during that attack.

“Other members of the family were subjected to violent threats and intimidation…indeed during this trial there have been threats to one of the female witnesses who gave evidence in support of Miss Brockhill.

“It involved windows being put through…and her children having been bullied at school.”

The point, Ms Goddard says, is “the wider Brockhill family have been and will continue to be subject of intimidation and at the very least unpleasant behaviour which they do not deserve, and that is one matter Savannah Brockhill is very concerned about..”

Speaking on behalf of Star’s mother, Mr Zafar Ali QC, said Frankie Smith was a “lady of good character” at the time and had “extremely low intelligence”.

He pointed out: “She is clearly the victim of domestic abuse herself” .

He told the court: “She is remorseful for her wilful mistreatment of Star and invited the prosecution during this trial to add a charge of cruelty which she would have pleaded guilty to.”

“She was plainly unaware of the seriousness of the assault being inflicted on her daughter…

“And most importantly she is herself a victim of the murder count, having lost her daughter.”

Judge Mrs Justice Lambert is due to start her sentencing at 2.15pm this afternoon.