Family demand action after being forced to wade through sewage in garden ‘for years’

A man who has lived in a flat where plumbing issues see raw sewage flushed into his garden is calling on his water provider to sort it out.

Willy Wardlaw, who lives with his wife and two children in Stirling, Scotland, says the issue has been ongoing for “four to five years”.

It repeats every time there is heavy rain in the area, he said, leaving his young family having to wade through waste on their way out of their home.

He has been left angered by the efforts of Scottish Water to address the drainage problem, claiming he has been “fobbed off” with quick clean ups, rather than action to reverse the blocking issues.

Willy told the Daily Record the issue had been going on for “years”.

“It’s about the fourth or fifth time this year that it has been covered with sewage,” he said.

“The main drain comes down the side of our street and backs up waste and toilet paper into our garden, meaning that my kids have to wade through it, as well as my elderly neighbour downstairs who can’t get out of her door.

“We’ve been in touch with Scottish Water a few times about it, but they just send someone out to clean it up.

“The guys who are sent out to clean it up do a great job, but they need to fix the source of the problem because the next time it rains, it’ll just happen again.

“We’ve written to them and contacted their Facebook page about it, but we don’t hear from anyone up the tree, just the guys who are sent out to clean it up.

In response, a Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We are aware of an issue with sewer flooding at this property and have attended on a number of occasions to deal with blockages, clean the sewer and carry out clean-ups of the affected area.

“Last week, Scottish Water operatives were in attendance and carried out investigations. We would like to reassure the customer that further survey work is now being planned to establish the cause and a possible solution to help avoid future blockages.”