Best Buy reveals Alder Lake non-K 65W CPU prices

Best Buy has revealed, presumably by accident, the prices of several non-K Alder Lake CPUs ahead of Intel’s official unveiling at CES. They range from the low-end Pentium G6900 and reach the Core i9-12900.

Regular leaker @momomo_us tweeted Best Buy’s listings, which have now been removed from the retailer’s website. While it appears not every SKU in the upcoming non-K Alder Lake series is included, there are still 12 processors ranging from $59.99 to $529.99.

At the bottom of the price scale are the Pentium G7400 and the Pentium G6900, priced at $59.99 and $79.99, respectively. The other chips include i3, i5, i7, and i9 models, with the Core i9-12900 the priciest offering at $529.99—$60 cheaper than the unlocked 12900K’s $589 MSRP. Buyers could save more by opting for the F version (no integrated GPU) of the flagship, which is $509.99.

Best Buy’s full price list:
Core i9-12900 – $529.99
Core i9-12900F – $509.99
Core i7-12700 – $359.99
Core i7-12700F – $329.99
Core i5-12600 – $239.99
Core i5-12500 – $219.99
Core i5-12400 – $209.99
Core i5-12400F – $179.99
Core i3-12100 – $139.99
Core i3-12100F – $109.99
Pentium G7400 – $79.99
Pentium G6900 – $59.99
As previously reported, these locked, 65W versions of Alder Lake have lower clock speeds compared to their K-version counterparts, but the 12900 (8-P/8-E) and 12700 (8-P/4-E) have the same number of Performance and Efficiency cores.

The rest of the lineup lacks Alder Lake’s efficiency cores, with the Core i5-12600 down to the Core i5-12400F all featuring 6 performance cores/12 threads. The two i3 models have four performance cores/eight threads, while the Pentiums have two P-cores/four threads.

Thanks to someone buying one in Peru, we recently saw the RM1 stock cooler (above) Intel is bundling with these chips.

Intel is expected to announce the non-K Alder Lake CPUs during its CES press conference taking place at 10 am PST on January 5. The processors look set to launch alongside the budget-orientated B660 and H610 motherboards soon after the event finishes.