Staffies trash house but stay on ‘nice list’ after leaving Christmas tree in one piece

Two Staffordshire bull terriers were left in the dog house after wreaking havoc in their home while their owners were out.

But they remain on Santa’s good list for leaving nothing but the Christmas tree in tact.

Nia, two, and her 10-month-old puppy sister, Nala, had been trusted with being left out of their crates while owners Antonio and Ana Maria Costea were out working.

And when they came home, they quickly realised it had been a mistake, with masses of stuffing and straw strewn around the house,

Antonio, 22, from Belfast, said: “We normally kept them in a crate while we’re out at work, but we thought we’d give them free roam to see what happened while we went to our night shift.

“They were fine in the crate and would just sleep, so we thought they’d probably do the same if left out – but it turns out it’s not and was far too exciting for them.”

Nia, the two-year-old Staffy, is unlikely to receive a lump of coal in her stocking on December 25, with Antonio concluding she was not involved in the destruction – placing all the blame on young Nala.

He added: “Nia’s a good dog and very lazy, so we don’t think she was involved in the destruction of the house.

“Nala has previously chewed the walls and everything possible, and even ripped the carpet up in the entrance hall, which is why we had to crate train her.”

A video posted to the Staffies UK Facebook group saw Ana and Antonio show other owners what mess they had come home to, which has since racked up hundreds of comments from dog lovers.

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In the clip, Nia excitedly greets her owners at the door, almost as if to distract from the mess behind her.

As they step into the lounge, Nala appears, surrounded by masses of stuffing pulled from toys and pillows – but the Christmas tree in the corner of the room remains untouched.

In the kitchen, viewers had worried there’d been a massacre, after straw and hay bedding was torn up on the floor – but Antonio assured them their two chinchillas were unharmed, and that Nala had just ripped up a bag of bedding.

While unassuming for Ana and Antonio, who had to clean up after their pups, other owners found it absolutely hilarious.

One wrote: “Would say that’s pretty well behaved. PlayStation controller and TV remote are still in one piece and the bin is untouched.”

Another added: “I’m jealous, mine would have eaten the sofa, PS controller and TV remote.”

“Omg I’d cry,” said a third. “How can you get angry with them being so happy to see you?”