Unhappy Bills fans donate to local charity for the visually impaired

The real mafia collects envelopes. The Bills Mafia hands them out.

Via the Buffalo News, Bills fans unhappy with bad calls in Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers have begun donating money to a local charity for the visually impaired, a slap at the alleged optical impairment of the officials assigned to the game.

Visually Impaired Advancement has collected more than $40,000, with $17 (Josh Allen’s number) once again being the typical amount of the donation. Another popular amount has become $14, reflecting the number worn by receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs, on a key play late in the game, arguably was interfered with in the end zone.

VIA welcomes the donations.

“While we recognize that NFL referees are not visually impaired, $17 makes an impact on VIA to help individuals who are visually impaired,” VIA tweeted.

If officials were visually impaired, they’d have a better excuse for their repeated and consistent mistakes. We delved into the questionable calls from Bills-Bucs and other Week 14 games in the latest edition of After Further Review on PFT Live.